International Art Team                                        


Head: Helmut Seufert, Dr. Maximilian Lackner



International promotion of artistic performances, concerts, new talents, provision of contacts between various stakeholders, cooperation with established artists.


About the International Art Team

The IAT has been active sind 1991. Its roots go back to the Interstunt team. IAT has been promoting arts since the beginning. In the concerts which IAT has been organizing, young talent receives the opportunity to gain experience “on stage” next to experienced colleagues. Also, they can network and cooperate with composers, stage directors and others.

Over the years, the IAT has organized several artistic events such as small and medium concerts, operetta evenings, musical shows, and song sessions, mainly in Vienna and Lower Austria. A major highlight was a charity concert for the victims of the tsunami catastrophe in 2005 on the Kreuzenstein castle, on the occasion of which many well-known artists from opera and operetta came together. They gave a splendid performance together with several young, promising artists, the big band of a music school and the symphonic orchestra Bisamberg.


Artists which were supported by the International Art Team: see here:




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